6 July
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asado makoto
schizoid, ocd

Gara has a very anti-social personality, though it is backed by his paranoia and questionable nature of people's intentions, rather than a dislike of being around them. He fears that most people he meets he cannot trust, because they may harbor possible malicious goals, which don't necessarily involve him. He is very conscious of the way people behave, and he doesn't like changes in people's actions, because they make him nervous and cause him to jump to absurd conclusions about their lives and routines. He does not often trust people, and even when he does, he only lends very little amounts of trust. Not many people, outside of his family and personal friends, know his real name or his past history. He keeps a lot of information about himself private, in hopes that someone will not use the information against him.

Relationships have always been an issue for Gara. He does not like the idea of isolation that tends to come along with relationships. He believes love should be entirely unconditional. Despite this, his standards for a lover tend to be unreasonably high, so it is not often that he becomes involved with someone intimately.

Many people would probably say that Gara is self-conscious, as well, and assume he has eating disorders, but he is very aware of the world around him. He likes to keep everything tidy and in place. If he finds something out of place, he becomes very irritable and assumes someone moved it, and makes up wild reasons as to why. He also tries to keep a very sharp and clean-cut physical appearance, and gets moody if he misses a day at the gym or if he puts on a few extra pounds. He knows that these compulsions are irrational, but he refuses to let them go, as he believes most people just let obvious shifts in "normal" behavior go unnoticed, and that those changes mean terrible things are to come.

When it comes to confrontations, Gara can be ruthless. He doesn't like to be reminded about his disorders, and hates hospitals. However, he has not choice in his stay at the asylum, so he manages to deal with his angst over that issue. Appointments are always nerve-wrecking for him, though. He tries to present himself as normal as possible during sessions, but he usually slips up, and tends to reprimand himself harshly for his mistakes. Gara also dislikes when the staff make accusations about his paranoia being unjustified or unreal. Instead of trying to understand them, he goes the selfish route and tries to make them understand him, and only grows more frustrated when they make his statements sound nonsensical.

It is rare that Gara is ever happy, or for him to have "good" days.